Be Positively Blooming Hypnobirthing


Hypnobirthing without the airy fairy nonsense since 2008~producing confident mums & dads to be so can spend all your time feeling positively blooming :0)

This hypnobirthing workshop includes:
3 hour small group workshop to consolidate your skills
A collection of MP3's taking you from the first trimester through to motherhood
1 PDF workbook for you to complete in your own time
A supportive secret Facebook group

To book please email me with the following details:

your & your birth companions name
your estimated due date
date the of course you'd like to book
contact number

To secure your place payment for the course is required in advance.

Whilst we can't gaurentee the perfect birth (there is no such thing), you can guarantee that you will have my full support on your journey from pregnancy to motherhood, regardless of the type of birth you are planing for you baby, home, hospital, water or C section. The core hypnobirthing skills will help you to remain calm confident and in control when you meet the new love of your life.

Sarah x

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