Chilled Mama

Luton Wide

Hi! Congratulations on your pregnancy. I look forward to supporting you to enjoy your pregnancy as you get ready to welcome your special little one into the world. Please let me know how I can help you be calm, confident and in control.
Here are my services. Check out my website for more details.
Antenatal and birth doula & antenatal teacher.
I specialise in supporting women who had a difficult birth/caesarean before.
Antenatal workshops: water birth, active birth, vbac, home birth, breastfeeding. In Toddington (just north of Luton).
Information on preparing for a gentle caesarean.
Pregnancy relaxation.
Private antenatal course.
Rebirthing service.
Closing the bones ceremony.
Coming soon: mother blessing ceremony.
I have supported pregnant women and their partners for over 15 years. I set up the local home birth group.
I wrote the postnatal course 'Baby Daze' which is done in all the children's centres in Central Beds, and trained the staff to deliver it.
I am a baby massage and baby signing teacher, and a baby wearing adviser. I also run baby sleep and starting solids (weaning) workshops.
Please call or email me for more information. I am always happy for a chat.

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