Oxford Road Cafe


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Breakfast served all day
Toast £1.50
Two slices from a choice of Granary, White or Brown bread with a selection of Honey, Jam or Marmalade
Rustic Porridge £2.75
Quaker oats cooked in milk served with a choice of honey, banana or mixed fruit compote
Oxford Road Bacon & Eggs £4.95
Two rashers of our butchers lightly smoked Bacon topped with two free range poached eggs, Homemade Hollandaise and served on a slice of toasted Granary with pesto garnish
Full Breakfast £6.95
Two butchers pork sausages, two rashers of lightly smoked Bacon, A free range egg, Two Has Browns, Sauteed Mushrooms, A grilled Tomato, Black Pudding, A pot of Heinz Baked Beans & a slice of toast
Mini Breakfast £4.95
One butchers pork sausage, one lightly Smoked Bacon. A free range Egg, A Hash Brown, Sauteed Mushrooms, A Grilled tomato, Black Pudding. A pot of Heinz Beans & a slice of toast......

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