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Pregnancy and Birth Issues Counselling

Pregnancy and birth is a time of change and challenge in many ways. At a time when we - or others - feel we should be happy and fulfilled we can find ourselves struggling in ways we had not expected.
Are you pregnant and struggling with the emotions you are feeling?
Are you suffering from depression or anxiety before or after the birth of your baby?
Have you had a difficult journey towards becoming a Mum or Dad ?
The Counselling and Family Centre can offer the care, guidance and support of a specialist perinatal counsellor experienced in working with pregnancy and birth issues.
The counselling service welcomes both Mums and Dads at any stage of the pregnancy, birth and their early parenthood journey. Following and initial assessment, the Counsellor will work with you to provide support tailored to your needs - both before and after birth if required.
Please feel free to contact us to find out more or to book an appointment for an initial assessment with the Perinatal Counsellor.

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