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DIR/ Floortime Parent course

City Centre

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  • Dewi123

    09-Feb-2016 Report

    DIR/Floortime is a developmental and relationship-based approach to supporting children's development. It's especially great for children with autism or social or emotional difficulties. This is a 2 day introduction to the model, aimed at both parents and professionals.

    This course is for any parent who has a child with autism, or is worried about their child's development. It helps you think about your child's sensory, social and emotional development and whether there are any issues that you might need to support. It also helps parents learn how to play in a fun way to help their child want to interact with them and help them become happy and sociable.
    There are great video examples of parents playing with their children. In these videos parents are coached to notice all their child's communication and help their child develop their own ideas and lead their parents in play. During the 2 day course parents are encouraged to ask questions and share their experiences. There is quite a bit of time spent on sensory difficulties and how this impacts on child stress and their general function.

    It's especially good for parents of young children or children who have learning disabilities.

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