Executive Coaching in Manchester


I specialise in helping clients learn more about themselves and ways they have come to adapt to constraints and dissatisfactions. And to move to more satisfying ways of living.

I work as an executive coach and couples counsellor and help you to become more confident with who you are and how you react to the situations around you.

I also work using the Pesso Boyden Method which can help you work on your personal development either in a one to one context or small group therapy sessions.

I believe our life purpose is to become who we really are. We are innately creatures of pleasure, satisfaction, meaning and connectedness. We lose track of these core essentials through the hurts and difficulties of living in an imperfect world. Finding our way to live these natural basic truths is the journey of a life well-lived, and the prime concern of psychotherapy.
Through working on myself I am aware what a challenge it is to change limiting patterns and habits of a lifetime. I also know it is possible to do so, and I have years of dedicated training and experience that help me help others.

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