Make A Friend


As you and your guests arrive the table will be set with a 16" Happy Birthday T-shirt and a range of special coloured T-shirt pens

You and your Guests then choose a 16" friend each

You will design/colour the T-shirt ready for your friend's to wear while each one will have your turn to make your friend

A selection of party food/drinks will be served

We will then cut the cake (provided by you) and sing Happy Brithday

You and your guests will recieve a make a friend rucksack filled with party goodies a piece of cake ,your new friend to take home with a unique birth certificate and the T-shirt you designed for them

Invites will be provided for your party guests
The room will be decorated ready for the day by us
Mum's,Dad's and younger siblings can relax with a Latte etc in the cafe area

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