St. John's Centre

Old Trafford

We are a 1920's built community centre in Old Trafford. Over the past few years we have had more do-it-yourself wedding parties. We love a love story and enjoy hosting weddings.

To this end we have a special flat rate for wedding hires of £250. There are tables and chairs to use if you wish and a p.a. system as well. The kitchen can be used (not to cater in but to serve your food and drink).

The hall is assessed for 150 seated guests. It is very plain but with a bit of imagination can be turned into a beautiful venue (as you can see from the photos) - ideal if you are trying to keep control of a wedding budget!

We take bookings on Fridays 10am-12noon. Staff can advise if the hall is available outside this time but can't make the booking. A returnable deposit is required against breakages.

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