Ep 1: Dawn of the Robots!

City Centre

disabled access

For this workshop, you will be challenged to write and perform short sci-fi dramas featuring your very own prototype robots! You will invent and perform a dystopian future for Stockport whilst exploring Arduino physical computing. No digital making or coding experience needed. Just bring along lots of enthusiasm and imagination!

You will work in small groups over two days to take part in the following activities: creating maps of future Stockport, and considering the rules and forms of dystopian science fiction writing. Arduino physics; computing activities. Designing, making and programming prototype robots to use as characters in dystopian sci-fi films. You will learn how to use a breadboard to build circuits connecting sensors and actuators, and how to control them using Scratch programming blocks. Create 3D papercraft props using SketchUp - an easy to use 3D modelling programme, and Pepakura papercraft software. Devise and act out scenes exploring the future of work experience in a dystopian future Stockport. You will use your prototype robots as stimulus to imagine how automation will affect their working lives in the future.

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