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If hayfever causes you a problem, this programme is perfect for you! It is a 16 week programme of homeopathic treatment which supports and strengthens your immune system in order to reduce your sensitivity to the allergens that trigger hayfever. To be effective, the programme needs to be completed before your hayfever symptoms start again in 2013.

After the 16 week course of treatment, you may well find that you are no longer affected by hayfever symptoms. However, if you have suffered from hayfever for many years, or your sensitivity is extremely high, you may need to repeat the programme again next winter. Even if you are not completely ‘cured', you should find that the intensity of your symptoms are dramatically reduced.

Enrol online at http://www.homeopathyathome.co.uk/Hayfever-Desensitisation.html and the remedies will be posted to you within 72 hours.

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