Wimbledon Bridge Club


Bridge Club.

Bridge is a fascinating card game, for everyone from 9-100+.It is fun, challenging, and very social.

When you've had some lessons you can play at home, your local club, on holidays,with family and/or friends.

There's also MINIBRIDGE for children! Perhaps your child's school has a bridge club?

All you need are 4 people and a deck of cards. Add tea, cake, wine, whatever you like! It's challenging, absorbing and addictive. You leave everything behind when you sit at the table. You are yourself,apart from demands of everyday life.
WBC runs full programme of lessons, day and evening.

Our next course vor beginners will be on Wednesday mornings starting later in January.

Try it for one term and see how you go - you'll probably be addicted!
See our website for lots of information.

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