Basketcases (Age 6+)

Colliers Wood

THE BASKETCASES is a children's based comedy show, combining farce and slapstick humour with an added educational element. Influences are a quirky mixture of Roald Dahl, The Chuckle Brothers and The Mighty Boosh. (Without the rude bits)

The show is centered around the lives of Mr. & Mrs. Basketcase who live in a place called Trouser Town, which is somewhere in Space.
They live and work on a dump where lost items go - socks you losein the washing machine; the remote control you lost down the couch. These items are transported to The Basketcases through a black hole in space, and it is their job to ascertain what they are, and what they do, and then file them away safely. However, things are never that simple with The Basketcases. For they were born with very
little brains, and spend most of their time squabbling, and getting
things wrong.

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