Halloween - A Forgotten Ritual (Adults)


ABOUT - Join me, Paul Cissell for the true meaning of Halloween, celebrating "Samhain" the way our ancestors had thousands of years ago.

This is a time of reflection, gratitude, healing and a chance to look back over the last year. During our day we will connect to our own family ancestors and ask for guidance for the coming year ahead with a chance to manifest greater prosperity, health and happiness.

*A meditation celebrating the cycle of life and death.

*An ancestor meditation – a journey to the after life so that we ourselves may meet our loved ones.

*A meditation of good fourtune and prosperity

THE HISTORY of Halloween steams from an old Celtic 3 day ritual where our ancient ancestors lowered the veil between the worlds invoking their spirit ancestors to come forward so as to bring good fortune for the year ahead and give gratitude for the one just past.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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