Exploring Buddhism – The Four Noble Truths


With Buddhist Monk, Gen Kelsang Gomchen.

All Buddha's teachings can be condensed into the practice of the four noble truths to attain the lasting peace of mind known as Nirvana.

3rd Nov- What we should know
In this class we will learn how to face the truth of suffering with confidence and how we can use our experience of life's difficulties to develop the joyful mind of renunciation.

10th Nov- What we should abandon
The origin of all suffering and problems is a mistaken view of reality called self-grasping ignorance. By recognizing, reducing and eventually abandoning this inner poison we can actualize our potential for permanent peace.

17th Nov- What we should attain
Everybody experiences temporary liberation from particular problems- but more problems quickly take their place and we remain within a cycle of dissatisfaction. We will explore how we can accomplish a permanent abandonment or cessation of suffering and its causes.

24th Nov- What we should practise
The method to actually free ourself from suffering is the practice of the three Higher Trainings - in moral discipline, concentration and wisdom motivated by a wish to experience permanent freedom.

Everyone welcome.

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