Pure face paint for sensitive skin

Stony Stratford

Grimas Pure makeup products are specially formulated for sensitive skin. They are unperfumed, gluten free and contain none of the parabens or halogenated products that commonly cause skin irritation and often found in cheaper cosmetics and face paints.

Perfumes are the commonest cause of contact allergy from cosmetics. Grimas Pure makeup is unperfumed.

Gluten molecules are too big to affect you through your skin, but makeup can be accidentally ingested - especially lipstick. Grimas Pure makeup is gluten free.

Parabens are linked to dermatitis and allergies. They are added to extend the shelf life of makeup. Grimas Pure makeup is paraben free but still keeps fresh for up to three years.

Halogenated products are linked to allergies and dry skin irritation. Grimas Pure makeup is free from halogenated products.

"At last I've found makeup my daughter can wear for her dance shows"

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