Workshops on Robotics

Forest Gate

We offer whole day events during which everybody can take part in amazing Workshops on Robotics. Using creativity and imagination children will construct working machines.

What is a Day with Robo?

It is a whole day event for children during which everybody take part in 1.5 hour Workshops on Robotics. During such an event participants learn basics of robotics and construction. We teach them about different parts used during construction. After building children can test their creations in reality. Robots can do different tasks, taking part in funny competitions.

How does it look like?

At the beginning of each session children are explained what they can find in the set, they are taught about all the major components which will be used to create the final robot. Children design and construct them in an individual and original way. We work in groups of up to 30 children. They construct in small teams to help each other. Workshops last for 1.5 hour.

What the robots can do?

Robots can maintain different tasks. We can program them in many different ways starting with the most simple algorithms like moving forward finishing on very complex like solving the Rubik's cube.

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