Parent Toddler Sessions


  • Gravity Trampoline Park

  • Riverside Entertainment Centre, Wherry Road, Norwich, NR1 1WX

  • 01603 964949



  • £5 per person £1 per pair of socks

  • 26-Sep-16 to 26-Sep-21

  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, 10 am - 11am; 1pm - 2pm, Termtime,

  • 3 months to Adult

disabled access

Our dedicated Parent & Toddler sessions offer full use of the trampoline park when the bigger gravity-goers aren't around. With wall-to-wall bounce space and toddler friendly sensory apparatus available, these sessions allow you and your toddler to take full advantage of the Gravity Trampoline Park and experience a music and light show tailored to the very littlest Gravity bouncer! Plus, once a month during our Friday parent and toddler session, we will host a special Themed Party so get your little ones dressed up, come along for a bounce and meet some very special characters! These sessions take place during the parent and toddler sessions which fall on the last session of each month. Classes are £10 for two bouncers (toddler and parent) excluding socks, or £12 for two bouncers (toddler and parent) including socks, and this is inclusive of a hot drink. Please note the timetable is valid during off-peak times only.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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