Women's Apollo Haze 14inch frame Hybrid bike

Thorpe Hamlet

  • 07866216951

  • £100 in mint condition with accessories a real bargain!

  • 27-Oct-2013

  • 10 years to Adult

Womens Apollo Haze 14inch frame Hybrid bike. Purchased from Halfords at the end of 2011. Has been ridden once as it was an unwanted present. Has been stored in the shed since it was purchased so is in mint condition except for a couple of small unnoticeable scratches on the frame. I have removed the stickers that came with the bike.

Has mudguards, super bright LED lights with fresh batteries and an easily push button removable wicker shopping basket with handle.

You are welcome to come and test it out to see if it is a good size. Apparently it is good for kids from around 10 years + by judging from the buyers feedback on Halfords website. Also great for ladies with short legs that that find other bikes difficult to ride.