Helen Breach

Castle Acre

Life-drawing and experimentation underpin all my work. A regular at life-drawing sessions in Norfolk and London, a recent divergence from charcoal and pastel sketching (Seeing Double), has been the torn figure. Tearing coloured papers and creating a collaged three-dimensional effect means working quickly and spontaneously and the resultant work is bold and simplistic. (Paper Pierotte).

I also attend dance rehearsals and classes, usually ballet, flamenco or Indian, to sketch and then develop more considered and detailed pieces. 'Ballet Dancers' shows a commission for a light-reflecting wall-mounted work that had energy and lots of interest.

Living just across the road from the Priory at Castle Acre has instigated a new direction of study. The linocut of the Priory (Priory Blueprint) is part of a series of prints depicting this magnificent historical ruin.

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