The Glorious Glowing Lantern Parade


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Spend the day exploring our Halloween woodland decorations and listen to the special edition Bewilderbats storytelling. Then wind your way through the woods to build and decorate a truly special lantern of your very own. That's one each for the whole family. (Dads always make the biggest, most falling apart ones!).

The show starts at dusk. Snagglefang the bat will get things going with a poem, then it's off through the dark to meet Slitherigrubs, Witches, naughty Thorneycold Spiders and even Swampy himself! Be delighted by lights and lazers and glowing pumpkins as the whole parade reaches an awesome crescendo in the deep marsh. It would be madness not to come and join us in this stunning show for all ages. It's spooky, its spine-tingly but it really isn't all that scary – well, unless witches count.

It can be a long day, so come a little later if you have little ones. We just can't do it till the sun goes down. We suggest arriving no earlier than midday to ensure you have enough energy to make it to the parade!

All the activities are inclooooded in the ticket price, better yet, if you book online you got to hop, jump and skip any queue at the gate!

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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