Riverbank Chinese Buffet


Since we opened over 9 years ago, we have served hundreds of thousands of people. What makes people return again and again is our authentic Chinese cooking. We've been one of the best restaurants in Norwich since we opened and we're proud to say we've done it using a great variety of freshly prepared dishes and an excellent range of beers & wines. We're not just a Chinese buffet, we're overall one of the best places to eat in Norwich!
In the evening the Teppanyaki Bar entertains and fills the room with rich aromas. You can watch as the chef transforms Beef Steak, King Prawns, Chicken Breast Fillet and other fresh ingredients into delicious meals using a hot plate in the restaurant.
We're an ideally located restaurant near Norwich train station, Riverside Leisure Park and only a short walk from Carrow Road! So come and enjoy great food and a warm welcome.

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