Cultivate Your Creativity


It is a 3 day event, where it starts at 10.00am each day and ends at 5.00pm each evening.
The retreat is not residential. However on site accommodation is available for as little as £17 per person, per night. There is plenty of accommodation in the local area to suit all budgets.
In our society we're engineered to be busy. Creativity falls to the way side. But, there is a way to live differently.
Being mindful means being consciously aware of the present moment and everything it contains. Learning mindfulness will allow you to deal with life's challenges in a more focused, less frenetic way. It will transform the way you see the world, allowing you to become more joyful.
Two experienced facilitators will help you find deeper meaning within yourself and the world around you. Together they will help you draw inspiration from your own intuition, restore communication with yourself and find the confidence to grow beyond your habit energies.
Through learning mindfulness techniques and devoting your weekend to creativity, this retreat will allow you to be more engaged with your senses and the power of your imagination.
It is for Adults only.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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