Wendy Hughes Clinical Hypnotherapist

County Wide

Hello, Im a Hypnotherapist in Banbury, covering south Northants. Hypnotherapy is a proven and safe method of creating long term, positive life changes.

I Specialise in all areas with Children and Teenagers, this may be from bed wetting to exam nerves, thumb sucking to bullying, self-harming to anger issues, loss to coping with changes in family. I have a Diploma in Paediatrics and am always looking for new ways to reach out, through CPD, I have recently learnt how to utilise the online game Minecraft. I love working Children, they have such vivid imaginations and most issues can be resolved in only 1 or 2 sessions. I have an Enhanced DBS and you are present throughout the session.

Self-harm in both children and adults is very distressing, for everyone. If you or your child self-harms, please call me, I am very experienced and can help you.

I Specialise in other areas including Fertility, Post Natal MH Care for Mums/ Partners and Siblings, Pain Relief , Hypertension,

as well as all the usual issues ie Stress, Fears, Phobias, Weight, Smoking

I offer a 30 minute free Initial Consultation via phone or Skype.

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