Confident Childbirth Hypnosis


Confident Childbirth is a flexible & supportive course for Hypnotherapy during Pregnancy & for Birth. Confident Childbirth tailors positive Hypnosis techniques to suit your individual needs, through a caring Cognitive Hypnotherapy approach, teaching you Self-Hypnosis, Relaxation & Pain Control. Suitable for all mums-to-be, whether first time or many times. No two pregnancy's are the same, each one will be different. So this personalised approach to Hypnobirthing is all about you & your baby-to-be. Just as it should be!
Harshani is your local Confident Childbirth practitioner, based in Islip, Kettering.
The course is usually over 4 sessions, which can be taken at whatever stage of your pregnancy is right for you. The purpose of Confident Childbirth is to safely guide you towards the birth that you'd like, as we work together towards your goals for a calmer, more confident birth.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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