Independent Phoenix Trader

County Wide

Do you love quality & exclusive stationery?

I run my own greeting card & stationery business as an Independent Phoenix Trader. I sell products produced by Phoenix Trading.

I am rewarded with 30% commission on everything I sell plus monthly bonuses (relative to reaching sales targets). There are 3 levels of investment to get your business started.

I am always happy to support new team members along their own Phoenix journeys. In my 5 years I have supported over 50 women to follow their own goals and explore the opportunity. My team is International as I used to live in Australia and New Zealand. Registration is also available in France with opportunities available for International customers outside of these 4 'home' countries.

The website is my blog where I share about the latest products and my business activities. You cannot order from that website directly - use the links provided.

If you would like to know more about the costs etc. involved than please message me, email me or contact me via my blog.

Thank you for your time - now enjoy the images of just 3 of my favourite greeting card designs - so hard to choose 3 from the 400+ available in the Phoenix Trading range!