Craniosacral Therapy


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A gentle therapy to help mothers and babies overcome the traumas of birthing. Caesarean births and the use of forceps or cups can be difficult for a new baby and this treatment helps to relax and sooth them.
For mum the treatment is helpful both in preparation for the birth and to ease some of the post natal issues.
Craniosacral therapy or CST involves the gentle laying on of hands - just as most healers have always done.
Does this work? In the majority of cases - yes it does.
If you or your baby don't receive any benefit then the first session will be free.
Is CST scientifically accepted? Sadly we cannot afford the large clinical trials which modern medicine requires. All i can say is that most patients are happy and have repeat sessions. The treatment doesn't carry any risks.
Who else uses CST? Older patients find it very helpful and I also work with pets and other animals.See website.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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