Pre and Post Natal Specialist treatments


Hello I am Julia,
I am a Pre and Post Natal Professional Therapist,
Specialising is Massage and Nutrition in Nottingham
I will guide you through your individual journey and prepare your body for birth and beyond.
I will aid and advice you in well-being and health solutions, to gain a pain free happy Pregnancy.
Like you I believe that regular maintenance of your body is the way to stay in optimum health.
Our bodies need maintaining.

Cleansing and healing to stay healthy and if you aren't already taking care of yourself,
now is the time to put your body first.

All services I provide will help you to enjoy a pain-free happier future and to restore your body to health:

Regular Remedial and Postnatal Remedial Massage eliminates toxins and aids healing, it also helps with all sorts of muscular issues and illnesses as well as providing a benefical on-going treatment.

Pregnancy Massage makes pregnancy as comfortable as possible through a host of benefits, such as improving circulation and respiration, lowering blood pressure and stress levels, and aiding relaxation.

Baby Massage Courses at Tranquility see the website for further details.

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