BODYPUMP,Fitness Class,Weds 9.30am


Every Wednesday morning 9.30-10.30am.BODYPUMP is a full body workout using light weights to shape and tone your muscles and burn calories. BODYPUMP gives amazing results!! It can look like a scary class but bodypump is great for beginners as the instructor guides you through the whole class with demo's and cues. The music is brilliant and really motivates you. Your first class with body-box is free so come give it a try. We say to new people joining the class that you can leave after the first 4 songs and add a bit more on each week, no-one ever seems to want to leave, but the option is there if you want to ease into it.

BENEFITS OF BODYPUMP: Burn calories, Increase your strength, Improve your general fitness, Shape and tone your muscles, Protect your bones and joints from injury, Get into shape fast, Feel confident!!

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