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Water Babies baby, toddler swimming

Oxford Centre

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Water Babies baby and toddler swimming lessons are available all year round at the Westminster Sport swimming pool. Baby and toddler swimming lessons teach your baby or toddler a core skill that can potentially save their life.

A Water Babies course is very different to traditional swimming lessons - with the main emphasis on having fun, the course is also highly structured, with a carefully designed, progressive lesson plan. More than 30,000 babies a week swim with Water Babies, so we look forward to your joining us in the pool soon!

If you are on Facebook, please come and join our friendly community: http://www.facebook.com/waterbabiesoxford

We blog at: http://www.babyswimmingoxford.co.uk

And we're on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/wboxfordshire

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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  • IzzysMummy78

    08-Apr-2013 Report

    My daughter and I started swimming with Water Babies when she was just four months old. The first time My daughter went under the water the instructor told us of the several different ways that the baby may react. My Daughter screamed the house down,as I expected, but they teach you a command to prepare your baby for going under the water which you can practice at home in the bath, whilst washing their hair. After a few times my Daughter had no problems with going under water. Two years on she holds her breath and still comes up smiling.

    What I haven't mentioned is that my Daughter is severely disabled and unable to walk, talk or do anything for herself. When I advised Water Babies, they were more than accomodating changing and adapting skills where possible without making us feel awkward or out of place. In fact they are are so supportive of myself and my Daughter they arranged a sponsored swim and raised £6500 in aid of our charity SWAN.

    While the lessons may sound expensive they are worth every penny. Now my Daughter may not be able to do everything due to her disability, but in the last two years I have seen her friends grow in the water. They are now able to dive off the side of the pool and swim unaided back to the side.

    In those two years my Daughter has come on leaps and bounds herself. I am not the most confident person in the water, but thankfully through Water Babies my Daughter is. She with help can dive off the side and happily kick and swim under the water for a short distance unaided. She is unable to walk so this is a totally gratifying experience for the both of us.

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