Silver Moon

Oxford Centre

disabled access

Using live music, shadow puppetry, cello, and masked play, French company Compagnie Animotion bring us a poetic and enchanting alternative Christmas tale.

Set in Eastern Europe, Compagnie Animotion present a touching story about friendship making the everyday magical and the importance of the imagination.

Helda is cold and alone. She may be poor, but her imagination is filled with her grandfathers folk tales taught to her through the enchanting voice of the cello. Jurgen is surrounded by beautifully wrapped presents but needs a friend to help make his everyday magical. When the clock strikes midnight and the silver moon is high in the air, the two friends will never be the same again….

Completely non-verbal, this is accessible to all audiences and music lovers will enjoy the live cello, and strong musical narrative.

Accessible to Deaf audiences.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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