The End of Science Fiction - Brian Aldiss

Oxford Centre

Grand Master of science fiction Brian Aldiss has written nearly 100 books and over 300 short stories. He describes his recent release The Finches of Mars as his ‘final SF novel', but doesn't think that ‘science fiction' is always an appropriate label. Some authors speak of a ‘sci-fi ghetto', which prevents people from being open-minded about books they see on labelled shelves.

What defines a book as being ‘sci-fi'? Is it useful to place books into genre categories?

Join Brian and Michael Rosen as they attempt to map the curious world of what used to be called ‘scientific romance', and work out if the genre is required at all.

Join us for a convivial evening of conversation.

Bar, books and chat at 5pm. Main event, followed by Q &A: 5.30pm. Bar and book signing from 6.45pm.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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