Boswells of Oxford

Oxford Centre

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Boswells of Oxford is the city's largest independent department store and has been a family run business for over 275 years. The shop is located in the heart of Oxford's shopping streets but still near a number of famous landmarks. Boswells is known for its wide variety in goods and aims to offer a good selection of products at the best prices in Oxford.

Boswells toy department has a large variety of toys to suit everyone including brands like Lego and Scalextric as well as soft toys, children's craft sets dolls and dressing up costumes and accessories.

There is a small play area within the department and there are often new toys out on display for children to play with. The toy department is situated next to the Boswells 1738 Tea Room providing the perfect set up for mothers and children.

The staff at Boswells aim to please their customers and offer a good quality of service. Boswells offers free delivery on orders over £40 and a click and collect service as well as special offers throughout the year.

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