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Prescription Swimming Goggles


Prescription goggles for adults and children who normally wear glasses or contact lenses. Optician owned family business, order online or over the phone. Our award winning staff are available to answer any queries. High prescriptions and astigmatism catered for. For adults, see your children safely and clearly in the pool or on holiday in the sea. Read parents' reviews online that report increased water confidence and subsequent achievement in their swimming lessons. Featured in The Sunday Times Olympic swimming suplement.

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  • aimeetuzz

    07-Mar-2013 Report

    My little boy needed glasses at age 3 and he loved going swimming but didn't like to take his glasses off. we ordered gator junior goggles for him. ideally he needed custom made but we decided to try the cheaper option first and see how he got on. the very first time he wore them he was happily jumping off the side of the pool! you could really see the difference in his confidence. when his prescription changed we decided to go for optiswim junior goggles as they had a clear lens. they arrived within a couple of days and were again, perfect for him.
    having prescription goggles has made a huge difference for him.he is so much more confidant and goes under the water. its also a weight off our mind to know he is happy in the water, enjoys going swimming and can see well. we were amazed that his high prescription could be catered for and it was a really reasonable price and only a few days to wait. EXCELLENT!!

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