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Lockyers Quay Table Table Pub Restaurant

Plymouth Centre

What you'll find
At the Lockyers Quay Pub Restaurant you'll find our brilliant new menu as well as all of your usual Table Table favourites. You can find more information on this pub using the menu options above and below. If you'd like to book a table, please go to the Booking Enquiry tab on the top right of the page.

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  • star1000

    23-Oct-2013 Report

    I visited Lockyer's Quay in Plymouth on Sunday 20th October at 5pm with my husband and two children aged 5 and 3. It was quiet when we arrived and even though it got busier it didn't get too loud which was good. The restaurant seemed calm and relaxed with music playing. We were welcomed in a very friendly manner and got taken to a window seat overlooking the harbour. Our children were immediately given colouring sheets and a pack of crayons each which made them happy and kept them occupied. No sooner had they started colouring when another member of staff arrived with a bunch of balloons. They each picked their favourite colour and then happily returned to colouring while we browsed the menu.

    The staff were very welcome and knowledgeable, I was quite impressed. We got personal recommendations of dishes on the menu, any question we asked got answered in an efficient friendly manor. The waitress (Jenny) was very good and always attentive when needed. She also used her initiative when doing things which often I find lacks in a lot of waiting staff. Very friendly, helpful and made us feel comfortable and welcome.

    We chose the Warm bread trio and sharing nachos to start, while one child had corn on the cob and the other had garlic bread. My son happily tucked into his garlic bread enjoying every mouthful, and my daughter quickly munched around her corn on the cob saying how much she enjoyed it. She then shared the warm trio of bread with us which was 3 long thin sticks of flavoured bread, all warm, soft and delicious with garlic butter or oil to dip them in. My daughter loved the garlic butter. My husband and I also shared the Nacho's which were good, I loved the tortilla crisps, they had a good flavour although my husband did mention the lack of jalapeno's on the top, but it hadn't mentioned them on the menu so he was happy with what was there.

    For mains my daughter had a pizza with 2 toppings and my son had macaroni cheese. They both like being able to select 2 sides and both chose peas and skinny fries. Both my husband and I had the Quorn burger, he had his doubled up. We both thoroughly enjoyed these and they came with skinny fries which were good. Personally I would have liked a little garnish with mine.

    The children both had sweetie sundae for dessert which they thought was amazing. They loved the little dishes to poor their own sweets on and the flake was a hit. I had the Oreo cookie pie, being a huge Oreo fan I was a little disappointed as the thick caramel layer was too sickly sweet for me- I wish I had gone for the brownie now - oh well there's always next time. Husband just went for a latte which being from Costa is always good.

    What made the restaurant good for me was the great service and not having to wait long between courses with young children. Also good food such as the bread trio and quorn burger. My husband enjoyed his double quorn burger and having a relaxing meal out with the family (he hates busy restaurants where you feel rushed and it's hard to get the waitress's attention). The children enjoyed the fun display of the food, the sweetie dessert and babycino!

    I think it was a very pleasant atmosphere and perfect for families, a restaurant we would definitely go to again. We have been here in the past for a cheap and cheerful bite to eat but I can definitely see an improvement particularly in the friendliness/efficiency of the staff and the choice of food. The menu has definitely seen an improvement and feels a lot more modern with some great choices.

  • hanbee

    21-Oct-2013 Report

    Myself, DH, DS1 age 5 and DS2 age 3 visited Lockyers Quay in Plymouth on Sunday 13th October.

    Despite it being a Sunday, none of us chose a roast. My husband went fr the steak burger and I chose the fishcakes on recommendation from two of the waiting staff who independently recommended them and said they were one of the nicest dishes they'd ever done. One son chose pasta and the other fish fingers and chips. I liked the fact that we could choose the children's side dishes separately from the main part of the dish. This was particularly handy for us as my eldest son has cerebral palsy and finds it hard to eat some foods. Not having ask staff if it was possible to swap items on a dish was a refreshing change.

    The restaurant has an open and airy feel, we had a table right by the window and the boys loved looking out into the harbour. Both the restaurants and the toilets were very clean and well presented.

    The staff knew the menu well and could recommend with knowledge. The children felt welcomed immediately with activity packs and balloons. he staff's attention to detail ran to noticing my three year old's birthday badge and talking to him about his birthday. The staff were also great with our eldest son, he isn't the tidiest of eaters and they handily brought us extra napkins without being asked when they could see us cleaning him up!

    The boys enjoyed their food and the activity packs. My eldest son often struggles with any wait for food but it was manageable amount of time with the distraction of crayons and balloons!

    The highlight was the kitchen staff using the chocolate sauce to write happy birthday on DS2's dessert plate and then the waiting staff coming over to sing happy birthday too him. It made his day, and ours.

    We hadn't visited before despite often passing on the way to the Aquarium, it will be very tempting to call in next time!

  • applepie13

    21-Oct-2013 Report

    We visited Lockyers Quay in Plymouth yesterday for Sunday Lunch.

    Who were you with?
    With my husband and 2 kids.

    What did you and your group choose from the menu?
    The kids both had a main course and pudding for £3.99. One of them chose tomato penne with two sides - garlic bread and skinny cut chips and the other one had fishfingers with two sides - corn on the cob and skinny cut chips. They both had the sweetie sundae for pudding and especially liked the popping candy.
    My husband and I both had a burger which came with chips but no veg or salad. I had a banana split sundae and my husband had a sticky toffee pudding and custard. He also had a breaded mushroom starter. The girls both had bottomless lemonade to drink although to be honest, one was more than enough and they didn't finish them. It was a cold and wet day and so my husband and I both had a large cappucino - fab that it was Costa!

    How was the general ambience of the restaurant?
    Very nice. Nice relaxed atmosphere. If we had one criticism it was that we were placed out in the conservatory on our own - it soon filled up but it was a bit cold to start with.

    How knowledgeable were the staff serving you?
    Very. They seemed to know all they need to know, and were very good at what they do. All of the staff were lovely.

    What did your children think of the visit?
    Loved it. They said the food was their favourite bit which is always a bonus! They also loved the colouring pack that came with 3D glasses and lots to do.

    What was the highlight of the visit?
    Well - part of the fun of it had to be that we weren't paying as we had received a voucher from Mumsnet to go out and eat in return for writing this review!

    Other than that - it was a vey nice way to spend a wet and rainy Sunday lunch - the atmosphere was nice, the food was good and plentiful, the staff were friendly and chatty, the restaurant was clean and nicely lit.

    Any other comments?
    We will certainly go again, and probably wouldn't have tried it if it wasn't for this offer as we don't tend to go out for meals that often and there are so many places to choose from.

    Thank you to mumsnet and TableTable for giving us this opportunity.

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