Preston Free Lindy Socials


  • Macs

  • Friargate, PR1 2EJ

Free low key Lindy Hop social, open to all. No formal class is involved, but beginners are welcome as experienced dancers will show you the ropes. Perfect as a taster or practice session for dancers from local classes, or just for the sheer fun of it.

The venue has very kindly allowed free use of the room, so please buy a couple of drinks from the bar. No special outfits are needed, just something you can move in and shoes that aren't too 'grippy'.

If you arrive early you may need to knock. Someone will come and let you in soon enough :-). We start at about 7:45 and go on to about 10:30.

Search for 'preston free lindy social' on facebook for the latest details!

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