Back to Hockey

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Ladies, thinking of getting back into hockey? Or trying it for the first time? Come along and join us at SHC

Calling all ladies! If you're completely new to the game or haven't played for a while our Back to Hockey sessions are for you!
You will be guided through a series of fun and friendly sessions. There will be 6 sessions, starting on Thursday 12th May from 7.15pm to 8.30pm with the last session on Thursday 16th June.

You will be introduced (back) to the game by mixing in some skills exercises with some small sided game play. However the emphasis is on fun in a friendly and relaxed environment without the pressure to perform.

It's also an opportunity to get fitter, as each Back to Hockey session burns up to 450 calories ( Along the way you will also make new friends and there's always a somebody keen for refreshments in our club bar after the session.

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