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Korky Paul, the energetic, interactive illustrator, welcomes you to the wonderful world of Winnie the Witch in this fast-paced, fun-filled reading aloud workshop. Korky demonstrates how to draw for the children in a way that is colourful, witty, energetic, and animated. Korky manages to bring home the point that writing, reading and drawing are things that are inherently meant to be fun.

This is a performance workshop where each child is issued with a raffle ticket with a magical number printed on it. The counterfoil is placed in Korky's magical Winnie's Hat. During the show, Winnie will draw out the lucky numbers from the hat and the child with the Magical Number will get their portrait drawn and signed by Korky Paul, or a portrait of Winnie or a portrait of Wilbur to keep and take home.

Magical things always happen when Korky puts his pens and paints to paper. Known only to himself as 'The World's Greatest Portrait Artist and Dinosaur Drawer'

“A Korky Paul visit is better than playtime!”
Overheard remark from a pupil at a school in England

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