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Detailed Cleaning


Detailed Cleaning relies on reputation and word of mouth, which is why our goal every time we take on an appointment is complete satisfaction. For this reason, we employ only the best in the cleaning field. Our cleaners are professionals with years of experience and knowledge about stains, mould and lime scale. Apart from the quality of our man labour, we have also invested in industry leading cleaning materials and equipment. These not only deliver a certified shine to every surface, but are environmentally safe.

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  • elisegbbs

    13-May-2016 Report

    They deep cleaned every spot of my house - they cleaned in places that had never been cleaned before also rearranged things so that my living room looked larger. I was very happy with the service and will be booking them again.

  • jakereeves12141214

    05-Dec-2014 Report

    We were looking for an affordable carpet cleaner and called Detailed Cleaning. They came to the house and saw how bad our carpets were. they were very helpful and professional and were able to remove some very bad stains. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to clean their carpets at a reasonable price.

  • lauraghewson

    28-Apr-2014 Report

    My mom was so happy and is even considering having them some every two week or at least once a month. Thank you so much for making her birthday a beautiful one I really appreciate all your hard work ladies!

  • porshabnevils

    11-Apr-2014 Report

    I'm a single female and consider myself a clean freak but was absolutely shocked at the filth I stirred up during the moving process. So much so that I was a little embarrassed to even have them over! However, I was immediately put at ease. 2 hours later when they were finished, you could not even tell that a verified crazy cat lady had lived there for 3 years.

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