HypnoFertility: Hypnosis to enhance fertility

Richmond upon Thames

The Westfield Practice provides hypnotherapy for couples who are struggling to conceive with unexplained infertility and also for those where there is an identifiable cause.

Hypnotherapy is very effective in reducing the stress and pressure that IVF treatment puts on those involved, as well as addressing the psychological distress at the end of each month that does not end in pregnancy.

A Dr. Alice Domar study of women with unexplained infertility found that 55% of previously infertile women engaged in a mind/body programme conceived, compared with 20% of the control group.

Hypnosis can also help to resolve any deeply held emotional issues which may be having a subconscious effect.

We strongly believe that by creating a harmonious balance between the mind and body, the chances for successful fertility are greatly enhanced.


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