Never Smoke Again Hypnotherapy Programme

Richmond upon Thames

"Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking" New Scientist, Vol 135

The Westfield Practice uses a combination of hypnotherapy and CBT to stop you smoking permanently. For this to work, YOU have to want it.

That said, we understand that it's often not as straightforward as wanting to stop: you may have many conflicting feelings on the matter. You can both desperately want to stop and feel so panicked at the thought of life without cigarettes. You might want to stop but fear you will be left with an intolerable emptiness. I can help you.

I won't lecture you about the dangers of smoking: you know that each cigarette smoked is killing you. The decision to smoke is not a rational one; it is a combination of nicotine addiction and learned habit. I will give you the tools to deal with both. We can help you stop cravings and build new habits so that you never smoke again.

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