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Hampton Court Palace


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Explore the wonders of this majestic building, and the stories behind them

Discover some of Hampton Court's sights and stories, whether you plan to visit or just want to learn more about this enchanting palace.
History of Hampton Court

Monarchs often associated with the palace:

Henry VIII (r 1509-47)
Queen Mary I (r 1553-8)
James I (r 1603-25)
Charles I (r 1625-1649)
Charles II (r 1630-85)
William III and Mary II
George II (r 1727-60)

Interesting characters associated with the palace:

Cardinal Wolsey
Oliver Cromwell
Antonio Verrio
Jean Tijou
Princess Sophia Duleep Singh
Grinling Gibbons
Historic hotspots

Visit the 'Historic hotspots' where dramatic events of Palace unfolded:

Charles I escapes
Catherine Howard accused of adultery!
Ghosts stories

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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  • CaptainNjork

    06-Apr-2014 Report

    While a full look around the palace was a bit much for my pre-school age kids, they loved seeing people dressed up in 'old fashioned' clothes, going for a ride on a horse and cart and running around the maze. The café is a surprisingly relaxing place for lunch with toddlers too as it is in quite an enclosed area so you can let them charge around on the grass while you finish up lunch in peace.

  • LESuffolk

    10-Jan-2014 Report

    We visit Hampton Court for the Flower Show held each Summer and much prefer it to Chelsea (which is no place for children). However Hampton Court Flower Show has more interactive child friendly features suitable for older children. I haven't visited the main house yet but highly recommend this venue for gardening loving kids and their families.

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