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  • RuchiBaggins

    27-Nov-2015 Report

    My name is Ruchi. I am 31 year old female doctor living in Richmond.

    I'm studying a Masters degree in Psychoanalytic Studies and all students on this course are required to observe a baby in their own home.

    The aim of this is that I learn by observation about ordinary child development (how a baby learns about them self, their environment and other people) from as close to birth as possible.

    It is important to note that I am observing to further my own learning, and that this is not a part of my professional role outside of the course.

    Each observation is for one hour a week at a regular time, ideally for a minimum of one year, with the possibility of extending to two. As the observer, I would pay close, friendly attention to the detail of the baby's interactions and communication with their family. I would only observe and not interact in any way, so that I can see what would happen as if I weren't there. Think of it as me being a fly on the wall observing an hour in the life of a baby!

    If you are interested in having an observation, you can contact me directly so that we can arrange to meet and discuss this further.

    Best wishes, Ruchi

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