Blissful Births HypnoBirthing™ Courses


HypnoBirthing™ is a MUST for all women wanting a CALM, COMFORTABLE & SAFE birth for themselves and their baby.

It is a unique way of birthing that uses specific BREATHING, RELAXATION & SELF-HYPNOSIS techniques to help a woman have the RELAXING & STRESS-FREE birth that Nature intends for her.

70% of mums who use HypnoBirthing™ say they feel NO PAIN AT ALL! Myself included! Even when induced!

This AMAZING course, the ORIGINAL HypnoBirthing™ course (used by Kate Middleton to birth Prince George!), teaches how to rediscover our NATURAL BIRTHING INSTINCTS and it's patented techniques have helped THOUSANDS of women over the last 25 years birth their babies in COMFORT & BLISS.

"The birth breathing was AMAZING, making the trip down the birth canal VERY QUICK and NOT UNCOMFORTABLE! I spend alot of time recommending HypnoBirthing™ now. Thank-you Rachel!" Clare (a new mum & also a doctor!)

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