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Belle Casa (Solihull) Ltd


We know how hard it can be to find a dependable and honest cleaner, which is where we can help.

We can offer you professional cleaning and ironing for a fully inclusive rate of only £9.25 per hour (min 2 hours per week).

All of our cleaners are specially selected, insured and you will receive the same cleaner each week.

So if you'd like to take the pressure off keeping up with you household chores, then call us today on 0121-775-0026

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  • Blackbutterfly2

    18-Feb-2015 Report

    Bella Casa is the worst company I have ever seen. Basically, customer satisfaction is not important to them at all. You would get the poorest services from them. They have all sorts of strategies in place to get as much money as possible from their customers. For instance, once you have given them enough notice to cancel your contract (which is 4 weeks) you do not expect to see that they have subtracted admin fee of more than £20 when they refund you for not using their services any more. Also, when you sign the contract with them they tell you that you can cancel the contract within the next couple of weeks, which they consider as the cooling period, without incurring any cost. However, if you cancel within this period they ask you “would you like us to come back to you in a couple of months and see if you have changed your mind?” If you just by chance tell them that you don't mind. They will contact you in a couple of months and if you say “no I am still not interested” they will send you an invoice of £30 mentioning that this is the fee you need to pay for the service you have received which is basically keeping your case open for couple of months! Moreover, they say that the cleaners are insured and if anything happen while they are working for you, you can have this peace of mind that you have got insurance. However, one of their cleaners broke a very expensive silver clock while working for my friend and she could not get a penny from the insurance. Another cleaner broke the vacuum cleaner of the same friend and again she could not get any money from the insurance. Even the cleaners that work with them are not happy with Bella Casa. I know a couple of cleaners that were very unhappy. My cleaner (who was not British) told me that once she started working for them she did not even have a passport and was worried that they would not be able to check her identity and would not let her work for them. However, surprisingly they told her that she can start working with them. So basically they send a cleaner to me without checking her identity at all.

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