Hope House Independent School


The School is a Private, Independent, Fee Paying School. A Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise & Charitable Ltd Company. Charity No. 1088526,Company Number 4219944.
The School is Primary from Year 3 and Secondary to Y11
Fees from £405 per month from Year 7
National Curriculum - Reception to G.C.S.E Year 11 for boys and girls.
Maximum of 12 Pupils Per Year Group
Family atmosphere
Excellent Academic Results
Christian Ethos
We aim to provide a high quality education for children according to Christian ethics, morality and belief, whilst respecting the beliefs of those from other positions.

Our commitment to families is:

1. To take pastoral responsibility for all children in a loving, caring and well disciplined environment.
2. To provide a broad, balanced contemporary education based on the National Curriculum for all children regardless of ability, age, race or gender.
3. To encourage all pupils to fulfil their potential academically.
4. To encourage all pupils to explore the Christian faith for themselves. (Families do not need to be to apply)

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