Women's Health Physiotherapy


Women's Health Specialist Physiotherapist

Ante-natal and post natal problems including SPD, PGP, pelvic floor and prolapse problems.

Physiotherapy can provide simple and effective solutions and is recommended by government guidelines.

Try this simple questionnaire to assess whether you have a problem. If you answer "yes" then it is likely that we can help:

1) On bladder filling, during or after using the toilet do you experience pain?
2) Do you have pain with sexual intercourse?
3)Have you been diagnosed or suffer pelvic pains but the cause is not known?
4) Do you leak a little when you laugh, cough or sneeze?
5) Does running water cause you to need the toilet?
6) Do you find yourself going to the toilet just in case?
7) Do you go to the toilet more than 6 times per day?
8) Do you feel that you have heaviness or bulging down below?

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