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Triple Act

Southampton Centre

disabled access

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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    23-Sep-2013 Report

    Bringing together three very different theatrical experiences within the intimate cabaret environment of the Nuffield Studio.

    With drama, laughter, and access to the bar , Triple act is the perfect night out for theatre lovers, or groups of mums needing a night out.

    Semblance of Madness
    A powerful, compelling drama. Set in a therapeutic drama lesson within a psychiatric hospital. We learn from the outset that the lesson is being carefully controlled to extract information of a gruesome murder.

    Pride at Southanger Park
    Supposedly an adaptation of a long lost Jane Austen novel, crumbles into a farce and disaster as the cast plough on to prove they are the equal of any BBC adaptation.

    Pub Quiz - Battle of the Sexes
    Two men, two women. A multiple choice dry comedy, with the answers to life, love and bar snacks. Warning! May contain nuts!

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