Afternoon School Run

Peckham Rye

I am looking for someone to collect my 9 year old son from his school in Clapham, and then take a short tube journey and then short Overground journey, to bring him from Clapham South tube station to Peckham Rye station, via Clapham High St Overground.

You would collect him at approx 3.50pm, and usually drop him off around 4.20, though depending on delays etc it might occasionally be up to 15 minutes later.

This journey, if you touch in at Clapham South tube before 4pm, would cost a one off peak fare: £1.50.

I am willing to pay £10-15 per day, depending on age and experience, and am looking for someone who can start ASAP, and who is willing to provide ID, CV and a reference.