The Pardoner’s Tale


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A new look at Chaucer from the heart of Southwark, at the Tabard Inn, where stories are currency and any troubles are left at the bottom of a glass...

The Pardoner wants to tell the tale of three men who once set out on a journey to kill Death and get rich quick. He wants to show you how their quest to revenge the death of a mutual friend turned into a treacherous journey into the dark world of greed, murder and mayhem. He wants you to know that you should always watch your back, because you never know where your enemies may hide.

Based on Chaucer's 700 year old story, The Pardoner's Tale is the latest adaptation by Tangere Arts, the company behind last year's A Thousand Slimy Things.

‘the excellent Tangere Arts... whose distinctive mix of storytelling, physical theatre and live music has produced a number of hits' **** Guardian on A Thousand Slimy Things.

Age guide: 7+

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