Chillax Holistic Therapies


Rebecca is a fully qualified Reflexologist and Therapist with over ten years of experience.

Rebecca has continued her journey and gained qualifications in Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Past Life Regression where she was trained by the great late Dolores Cannon.

Rebecca is a naturally empathic person and is also able to channel healing energy and pass it on to her clients. She is also able to do Psychic Readings whilst carrying out treatments which can be invaluable when trying to release negative energy from the body. Rebecca would love to see a world where we focused on the prevention of illness and reduce the need for medical intervention, that we all become aware of our powerful emotions and how they play an enormous part in our physical health. Stored emotions cause our bodies to slow down, become heavy and eventually cause illness. Rebecca can help release these emotions through her healing. Rebecca's intent is to heal and empower her clients many of whom have gone on to become good friends.

Rebecca is situated at Skin & Tonic in Tamworth on Sundays and Mondays from 9am - 7pm, and is available for home visits from Tuesday to Saturday.

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